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Since the very beginning, we’ve been conscious about our impact on the planet. We are constantly improving ourselves to lessen our footprint in order to build a completely sustainable company.

A thriving humanity means a thriving planet.

Sustainability shouldn’t be just about
protecting the environment. It should
be about a world where the environment does
not need protecting in the future.

Discover the way we are making a difference

Paper & why it’s so green

Paper is one of the most recycled products in the world

In 2018, the recycling rate for paper was 72%, and the industry is striving to reach 74% by 2020. [1]

93% of water used to make paper is returned to the environment

The remaining 7% is either evaporated, retained within the product, or bound up in solid waste. [2]

Eco-friendly ways of manufacturing.

68% of the paper in India is produced in by waste paper recycling &  Agricultural Residues like Wheat Straw etc [3]

The paper industry in India provides huge employment.

The paper industry of India is providing employment to 400,000 people directly and 1.5 million indirectly [4]

we plant 50 trees every month

in association with

Making a difference

We believe in a future where humanity thrives. That’s why we invest in grassroots efforts like girl child education, uplifting rural and tribal communities and supporting organisations creating change at local level.