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Friendship in bloom: Q&A with Reflorish

Friendship in bloom: Q&A with Reflorish

For Rugie and Effie, floristry is equal parts self-care and imaginative escape, a way to transform their creative energy into joy for others. The friends and owners of the New York florist Reflorish create arrangements that are celebrations, a way to mark the moments and memories that mean the most.

We recently invited Rugie and Effie to Papier’s Loft in New York, where we chatted about all things friendship, flowers and how to florish.

We love the name Reflorish. Where did that come from and what does it mean to you?

Rugie & Effie: It took us quite a while to land on it. The definition is simply ‘to florish again’ which resonates with us deeply. But, we also love how the (re) is representative of our first names, (R)ugie and (E)ffie. That was purely coincidence but it makes our love for the brand even more special. We essentially view Reflorish as a reminder of the two of us florishing again and again.

How did you two meet and decide to start a business?

Rugie & Effie: We met through a mutual friend back in 2018? Our friendship developed organically over the years, and we became inseparable around the beginning of 2020. Like many others, our business was a product of our quarantine period. We decided to start a business after realizing that we had a mutual interest in flowers and saw it as something we could share with our community through special occasions and the moments in between.

7 ways a wellness journal helps you take control of your wellbeing

7 ways a wellness journal helps you take control of your wellbeing

When life gets a little busy, it can be difficult to prioritize your health and happiness. A wellness journal has pages for setting goals, tracking healthy habits and noting down what you’re grateful for. Pausing for a few moments every day can help you see what’s really important.

1. See the big picture

The free-form wellness map at the start of your journal prompts you to assess all areas of your wellbeing – noting down things that make you feel happy and well.

2. Start setting goals

Your journal will help you organize your wellbeing goals into four main groups – nutrition, mind, activity and self-care. Try to choose a mix of goals to help create balance.

3. Establish healthy habits

Writing in your wellness journal at the same time each day will help you form habits. You can try habit stacking – going for a walk straight after journaling, or meditating just before.

Tips for getting the most out of your notebook

Tips for getting the most out of your notebook

Choosing your notebook size

Your best ideas arrive in many shapes and sizes, so it’s no surprise that there are some pages better suited to notes made on the move, or those written down in the comfort of your home.
From 153mm x 215mm notebooks that easily fit in your bag or desk drawer, to on-to-go options that are better placed in your palm, our selection includes something for everyone.

Picking a notebook cover

As a place to jot down your must-remember thoughts, cell numbers, or recommendations on the move, our notebook pages of any style have a 3mm thick hardback cover. With your notes kept safely inside, all that’s left for you to do is choose a design and shade to mirror your mood. Want to keep things personal? Add a name or initial – or extra-special shiny foiled letters – to make our personalized notebooks truly yours.

A guide to reading journal

A guide to reading journal

Whether you’re a book fanatic that devours a novel a week or a vacation reader that wants to pick up the pace, our reading journal is the perfect place to put your literary loves down in words. From writing your reading wish list to taking note of your next poetic adventure, we’ve broken down our book journal into chapters to captivate your imagination.

Set the scene on about me pages

Whatever the book, your reading journey starts with you. Begin with a library card on paper, listing your favorite book, author and genre, plus a place you love to read and words you cherish from your childhood. Note your level of reading obsession and watch how it grows throughout your journaling adventure.

Don’t forget to add your all-important address, should your emporium of reads need to be returned safely back to you.