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Notebooks unlike any other notebooks!

handy, colourful and just perfect.

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2019 Planners!!!

Lots of stickers, fun weekend to-dos, compliments, exciting holidays, health & hobby trackers, doodle pages and more. Phew! Yes, all that in just one planners. Grab yours here.



Handy, colourful and just perfect. Put down your thoughts, ideas and all things important and fun in these bright and positive notebooks just for you.


This Is Us!

Our friends and family are really important to us. And that’s how it will always be.

We love fun. But we totally know that it’s a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the year. And we love to be close to you at those times with our little fun stuff.

We are thrilled every year to work harder knowing that our books and planners help make your days, weeks and months easier, happier and funnier in some ways.